Surprise! Current Supreme Court Cases Don’t Interest Americans

FT_Public_AttentionAh, that’s no surprise at all. Just 13% of Americans were interested in the Supreme Court issue at hand and only 49% said they followed the story, but “not at all closely.” And what was this issue all about?

Campaign finance. I bet a lot of readers here weren’t even tuning in to the news pertaining to the current issues.

This is actually understandable. News on campaign finance competed with big worldwide news such as the search for MH370 and Russia’s occupation of Crimea. I don’t think it’s such a big deal. However, it seems as if the public isn’t interested in stories with concrete facts presented.

On the other hand, maybe people feel jaded because they don’t have power over the current ruling. They could be feeling powerless over the issue, knowing that they’re not exactly experts in such field. Not everyone’s a court judge who graduated from the top schools.

What do you think the reason is?


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