Wacky News: A Fistfight in Court

A few days ago, a conflict happened in court. Well, not really inside: Florida Judge John Murphy urged a public defender that they “take it outside.” He then proceeded to sucker punch the attorney until authorities came to break up the fight.

The attorney was allegedly grabbed by the collar and then struck by the Judge’s fist. Talk about taking things to court, huh? Add this one to the list of bizarre court occurrences.

Murphy is currently on paid leave and is seeking counseling after the whole thing. Well, where should he be after turning the court into a battle arena?

Chief Judge John M. Harris stated that such behavior will not be tolerated and in no way does not reflect the court as a whole. He also added that Murphy understands this quite well.

I have a few concerns on the matter:

  • What will the final decision be on such matter? Will Murphy be kicked out or transferred?
  • Will he even be able to don the robe?
  • Since those affected decided not to file a case, might the court impose the necessary sentences against Murphy instead?

This is truly unbecoming for a Judge who’s supposed to uphold justice and righteousness. I know, perhaps he was just in a rather foul mood, but wasn’t he supposed to show restraint, regardless of the circumstances?

He took up the job as judge, so Murphy would have known what to expect in court. Yes, it can be a pain seeing somewhat overzealous defenders or attorneys in the courtroom, but I suppose Murphy could have practiced caution and tolerance.

Gee, I can just imagine what a bad day can do to someone, even a judge. We’ve all been there, but I really think his conduct was uncalled for.

What do you think? Should Murphy be pardoned for his conduct or should he expect what he has coming for him?


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