Florida Bar Investigates Attorney Involved in Fistfight

Seal of the Florida Bar

Seal of the Florida Bar
Image Source: The Florida Bar site

Remember my post a while back on a judge who was involved in a fistfight with an attorney? Well, well! There’s some progress to the story!

The Florida Bar is to send attorney Andrew Weinstock a letter to begin the investigation. Weinstock has 15 days to respond in any case. Little is known about the investigation as it is supposedly confidential, but for now, the file has been confirmed to be open.

The agency is rather surprised that the whole affair has gained such widespread media attention.

On the other hand, it is unknown if the Judicial Qualifications Commission conducted an investigation of its own on the matter at hand.

Weinstock has been transferred from working with Judge Murphy to work with Judge Stephen R. Koons—for a pretty good reason.

This makes me wonder about a few things:

  • Why is Weinstock under investigation by the Bar when it was clear that Murphy started the whole fight? Is he in trouble?
  • What sort of investigation might this be? Would this have anything to do with Weinstock’s title as a Public Defender?
  • Is there any update on the sentence laid upon Judge Murphy?

I can’t say for certain. As mentioned, the investigation is confidential. I don’t mean to take sides, but Weinstock shouldn’t be the one in deep trouble in this particular case.

Also, I’ve been looking for news online regarding what happened to Murphy, but I’m met with articles I’d already read two weeks ago. Well, I’m following this story closely because I’m kind of a sucker for controversy in the courtroom.

In fact, I came across this post on the judges which misbehaved over the years. It’s interesting, really, that some of those who are supposed to uphold the law as with the responsibility vested upon them have violated such in their field.

To err is human, in this case, yes? I thought so.


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