Dumbest Patents Ever

Patents have protected inventors for their innovation and ingenuity. However, patent requests can be a bit odd and the inventions may turn out to be absolutely bonkers!

Below are the craziest patents to ever grace the court.

  1. Fart deodorizer
The legendary flatulence deodorizer.

The legendary flatulence deodorizer.
Image Source: Cracked

I’m just wondering who’d actually use this sort of stuff. I mean, really. Do they look at it as an investment? You’d have to be breaking wind a lot to solve that with a flatulence deodorizer in an effort to prevent the smell. Good luck with that!

  1. Toilet lid lock
The toilet lid lock.

The toilet lid lock.
Image source: ListVerse

I honestly don’t see what the point of locking one’s lid is. Maybe this is to protect young kids? But imagine yourself rushing towards the bathroom, only to see that the lid has been locked. Why? I can’t fathom how a toilet lid lock would actually help in such a case. It’s fascinatingly absurd.

  1. Rifle with whiskey glass attachment
A drunkard's weapon, I guess.

A drunkard’s weapon, I guess.
Image source: Legal Antics

Talk about being a manly-man! This invention is exactly what it says on the tin. While you’re out hunting or ranging, you’d have the convenience of placing your glass of whiskey on the attachment. This poses a couple of problems. For one thing, why would you be sipping on whiskey during a hunt? And for another, don’t you think the recoil from the firearm would spill the liquor or perhaps even smash the glass? I’m not sure how this works.

  1. Smoker’s hat
A way for smokers to look classy.

A way for smokers to look classy.
Image source: Anticipate This blog

Imaging having an exhaust fan on your head, then you’d have a clear view on what this invention is all about. And I don’t think this would truly help that much. I mean, where would all the smoke go? It’s pretty pointless when you think about it.

  1. Hiccup-treating device
A shocking way to treat hiccups.

A shocking way to treat hiccups.
Image source: Funny Patent and Invention

It’s simply a device which supposedly “electrifies” hiccups away—if you can risk being electrocuted just for a shabby hiccup which will eventually go away sooner or later. Hysterical, I might say.

I swear, I don’t see anything practical about the inventions above. So if you’re going to have your contraptions patented, please make sure that they’d actually be of use.


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