My Thoughts on the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber Issue

Image source: 360nobs

Image source: 360nobs

Just recently, the media was rocked by news of Orlando “Legolas” Bloom swinging a punch at Justin Bieber. While I’m not an avid fan of Bloom, I’m pretty much on his side. I mean, Bieber’s a spoiled brat who’s gotten his head in the clouds.

I definitely don’t know what to say to the assertion that Bieber provoked Orlando Bloom, who had been in the showbiz industry for years now. At least show some respect, Biebs.

I’m wondering if any of the two sides can sue the offending party. Bloom did throw punches, but Bieber uttered slanderous remarks, especially regarding Orlando’s estranged wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr.

In legal terms, Slander is defined as:

“… oral defamation, which causes harm against one’s reputation.”

Slander can be a basis for a lawsuit. Regarding the case, Bieber alleged to have said statements regarding him and Miranda Kerr just to provoke Bloom. (And others say that Leonardo di Caprio was present!)

I honestly couldn’t understand why Justin Bieber had to pull something like that off.

It was a good thing the whole conflict was injury and lawsuit free, because Orlando Bloom missed Bieber.

Of course, Bieber was still up to no good, denying Bloom entry to a star-studded party at Ibiza a couple of days after the punching incident, yet the English actor seemingly isn’t bothered.

So what’s next for the both of them? We can only stay tuned.


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