Losing Insurance Through a Supreme Court Decision

Almost 10 million Americans could lose their health insurance. The reason? A Supreme Court ruling. | Image source: XEROX

Almost 10 million Americans could lose their health insurance. The reason? A Supreme Court ruling. | Image source: XEROX

You may not know this, but a recent Supreme Court decision is on the horizon—and it could threaten health insurance of about 9.6 million people—specifically white, employed, and middle-aged! The decision is related to the controversial Affordable Care Act.

The King v. Burwell Case is the reason for the changes within the Supreme Court and could be a major factor if the Court goes in its favor. This lawsuit challenges the ACA and its provisions, stating that the text of the act allows only for premium tax credit usage on state-run exchanges. Individuals are availing of healthcare services provided by state-run exchanges to utilize their tax credits.

The ruling is expected to take place this June. It basically prohibits the law’s financial help to be granted to states through a federal body. If this prohibition pushes through, many of those covered by health insurance given by the state could lose such benefit. Since the ACA provided 10 million inhabitants with free healthcare, the numbers of those losing their insurance privileges will be quite high.

Imagine having benefited of healthcare through state-run exchanges, only to lose it due to one shabby ruling. I understand that the case is a crucial one, but the outcome of the King v. Burwell case kind of frightens me in a way. With the possibility of nearly 10 million people losing their health insurance, this is kind of alarming.

Would it be worth it to come to such ruling? I’ve been trying to ask the opinion of others, but they don’t seem to care, considering that those affected also come from the south of the country for the most part. But how about you, dear reader? What do you think? Should the Supreme Court come to such decision regarding the King v. Burwell case? Let me know.


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