Retaliation Against ISIS

Jordanian King Abdullah II | Counter-Jihad Report

Jordanian King Abdullah II | Image source: Counter-Jihad Report

Looks like the world has had enough of the terrorism and fear-mongering caused by ISIS, as a lot of nations have finally retaliated against the extremist group! Though little is known of the extent of ISIS’s weaponry, the global community seems to agree that they haven’t got any aircrafts which they can use to further their agenda.

Below are nations who’ve fought back against the group.


Following the burning of Jordanian pilot Lt. Mouath al-Kasaesbeh, outcries from his home country were heard. The incident also caught the attention of King Abdullah II, who vowed to vanquish ISIS. Once a member of the Jordanian Royal Army (and also a pilot himself), he issued a decree to crush the group with airstrikes until all their resources run out. It was said that he led the attacks himself, but this was proven to be untrue.


The recent mass beheading by ISIS somewhere between Egypt and Libya alarmed President Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi, who called for all-out war against ISIS strongholds in Libya—the first Arab president to do so. Egyptian forces will attack from the north and will engage in direct conflict with the ISIS fighters. I think it’s about time this happened.

United States

Of course, the United States has since been conducting airstrikes, especially after journalist James Foley’s beheading. The incident caused outrage and if whether or not the attacks will bring ISIS fighters to their knees is yet to be determined. Of course, the U.S. hasn’t been one to shy away from engaging terrorists, ever since 9/11.

Other countries such as Japan, France, and the United Kingdom have also vowed to fight against ISIS, but so far, we haven’t really seen any major undertakings yet. In the near future perhaps? We can only hope that all this will bring peace in Iraq and Syria.


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