Court Cases on Tax Evasion

Taxes are an obligation. Not paying taxes on time may get you in trouble. | Image source: Forbes

Taxes are an obligation. Not paying taxes on time may get you in trouble. | Image source: Forbes

Taxation is a crucial aspect of our society. Without taxes, the public sector would not be able to build roads and infrastructure. This is why the government is so keen on dealing with the issue of tax evasion. We all know how important taxes are, so it’s good that we take our obligations into account.

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The Last Will and Testament of Three Celebrities

Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Image source: Wikipedia

The death of actor-comedian Robin Williams shook the whole world. It was an unexpected turn of events and I hope he rests in peace now. I offer my condolences to his family as well.

Undisclosed is his last will and testament. In relation to that, why don’t we take a look at various wills left behind by deceased celebrities? Below is a brief list of famous people who passed away and the wills they left behind.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston
Image source: Wikipedia


Whitney Houston (1963-2012)

Houston left her will to her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, as her sole heir. Yet allegedly, it was not her last will. The initial executor was Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston. But everyone agreed that Whitney would have wanted her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, to act as so.

Whitney didn’t leave anything for Bobby Brown both in the 2000 and 2004 update of the will.

  1. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson
    Image source: Wikipedia

    Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Jackson’s siblings labeled the will as “fraudulent.” Even though such is the case, the previous will and testament will still be in effect as per the law. There were no major changes between the old will and the updated one.

  1. Heath Ledger

    Heath Ledger
    Image source: Wikipedia

    Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

Ledger’s will stirred some controversy over family members. His father, Kim Ledger, asserted that his granddaughter had the absolute priority for the will. He also stated that Michelle Williams, the mother, is part of the Ledger family.

Disputed was the legal status of Heath’s among relatives. Ledger left the will to his parents and sisters. Yet as per legal advice given, Ledger’s daughter Matilda Rose is also entitled to the share. Thus, she received $16.3 million from Heath’s father, saying that the family gave everything to Matilda.


Such actors and actresses have left a legacy in one way or another. But their respective wills are there to leave something behind for loved ones.

You might want to add to the list if you know some more celebrities. Why don’t you do so? I’d love to hear from you.

The Thing about Jeremy Meeks

The new face of gang-related crime, perhaps?

The new face of gang-related crimes, perhaps?
Image source: Stockton Police Department Facebook

You’ve probably heard about this Jeremy Meeks character, dubbed by a whole lot of people as the “hot convict” because of his supposedly flattering mugshot.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like the positive attention this guy is getting. I mean, really? Regardless of his looks, he’s been convicted of multiple charges.

Below are such charges which I speak of.

  1. He was arrested for street terrorism

This is something, seeing he’s endangered the lives on citizens and residents on the streets. According to Chapter 186 Sec. 21 of the California law, over 600 street gangs are present and have been disturbing the peace of citizens. Would you want Meeks and his friends in your neighborhood? I think not.

  1. He’s a six-time felon

Regardless of how good looking he is, it can’t be denied that he’s been in and out of prison over the years. This goes to show that he isn’t just some run-off-the-mill crook—he’s a hardened criminal and he won’t stopping anytime soon.

  1. He’s considered one of the most violent criminals in the area

The Stockton Police Department has classified Meeks as one of the most dangerous people in the neighborhood. You see, he’s no nice guy. As I said, he’s pretty hardened and has engaged in criminal behavior ever since. He isn’t afraid to use excessive force. Perhaps that’s why he’s seen as a notorious figure among authorities.

  1. His tear tattoo signifies that he’s killed someone

You know the tear tattoo? It’s allegedly a gang sign indicating murder. That’s right—Jeremy Meeks has killed someone—and he’s proud of it. After all, why would he allow himself to get a tattoo like that?

  1. Despite all that, his mugshot has gotten over 100,000 likes

It’s one of those things which make me wonder. I understand that people find him attractive, but this has turned into somewhat of an obsession. They overlook Meeks’s charges, focusing merely on his turquoise eyes and olive skin. It’s unfathomable, I tell you. And I don’t think I need to say anything more.

How about you? What do you think about Jeremy Meeks and this whole affair? Does he deserve all the superficial praise he’s getting? Or should he be treated a criminal, like many gang members like himself? Let me know in the comments below.