Retaliation Against ISIS

Jordanian King Abdullah II | Counter-Jihad Report

Jordanian King Abdullah II | Image source: Counter-Jihad Report

Looks like the world has had enough of the terrorism and fear-mongering caused by ISIS, as a lot of nations have finally retaliated against the extremist group! Though little is known of the extent of ISIS’s weaponry, the global community seems to agree that they haven’t got any aircrafts which they can use to further their agenda.

Below are nations who’ve fought back against the group.

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Another Bizzare Case: Lawyer Smacks Judge with Flyswatter

Just when we thought court cases couldn’t get any more ridiculous following that brawl between a Florida judge and a public defender, we now have something even more bizarre: A lawyer smacks a judge repeatedly with a flyswatter.

You read that right—a flyswatter. What’s the world coming to? And here I thought odd court cases are isolated, but then, we have this.

Evgeniy Tankov, a 35-year-old lawyer from Kazakhstan, was not at all happy with the court decision in an inheritance case. When things took a turn against his client, Tankov took a flyswatter. He supposedly approached the judge and said, “Let’s not hang about arguing the law here, let’s decide this with flyswatters.” And there, he began swatting away!

The judge at first tried to ignore the swatting but was later annoyed and began wrestling with Tankov and later on, he landed some fists upon the lawyer.

And what’s happened to the Kazakh lawyer? He’s been banned from practicing his profession and is currently facing criminal charges.

Why exactly did he start that duel using flyswatters? Well, he’s supposed to show that the Kazakh justice system is a huge joke. I guess the joke was on him, as he’s been jailed for the deed. After all, he started it.

Honestly, I’m not sure if whether I should be appalled or laugh at how hysterical the whole event is. Perhaps we’re not getting enough bizarre cases here in our country hence, my reaction to the whole thing.

Well, a flyswatter is better than any other lethal weapon brought to court.


Dumbest Patents Ever

Patents have protected inventors for their innovation and ingenuity. However, patent requests can be a bit odd and the inventions may turn out to be absolutely bonkers!

Below are the craziest patents to ever grace the court.

  1. Fart deodorizer
The legendary flatulence deodorizer.

The legendary flatulence deodorizer.
Image Source: Cracked

I’m just wondering who’d actually use this sort of stuff. I mean, really. Do they look at it as an investment? You’d have to be breaking wind a lot to solve that with a flatulence deodorizer in an effort to prevent the smell. Good luck with that!

  1. Toilet lid lock
The toilet lid lock.

The toilet lid lock.
Image source: ListVerse

I honestly don’t see what the point of locking one’s lid is. Maybe this is to protect young kids? But imagine yourself rushing towards the bathroom, only to see that the lid has been locked. Why? I can’t fathom how a toilet lid lock would actually help in such a case. It’s fascinatingly absurd.

  1. Rifle with whiskey glass attachment
A drunkard's weapon, I guess.

A drunkard’s weapon, I guess.
Image source: Legal Antics

Talk about being a manly-man! This invention is exactly what it says on the tin. While you’re out hunting or ranging, you’d have the convenience of placing your glass of whiskey on the attachment. This poses a couple of problems. For one thing, why would you be sipping on whiskey during a hunt? And for another, don’t you think the recoil from the firearm would spill the liquor or perhaps even smash the glass? I’m not sure how this works.

  1. Smoker’s hat
A way for smokers to look classy.

A way for smokers to look classy.
Image source: Anticipate This blog

Imaging having an exhaust fan on your head, then you’d have a clear view on what this invention is all about. And I don’t think this would truly help that much. I mean, where would all the smoke go? It’s pretty pointless when you think about it.

  1. Hiccup-treating device
A shocking way to treat hiccups.

A shocking way to treat hiccups.
Image source: Funny Patent and Invention

It’s simply a device which supposedly “electrifies” hiccups away—if you can risk being electrocuted just for a shabby hiccup which will eventually go away sooner or later. Hysterical, I might say.

I swear, I don’t see anything practical about the inventions above. So if you’re going to have your contraptions patented, please make sure that they’d actually be of use.

Florida Bar Investigates Attorney Involved in Fistfight

Seal of the Florida Bar

Seal of the Florida Bar
Image Source: The Florida Bar site

Remember my post a while back on a judge who was involved in a fistfight with an attorney? Well, well! There’s some progress to the story!

The Florida Bar is to send attorney Andrew Weinstock a letter to begin the investigation. Weinstock has 15 days to respond in any case. Little is known about the investigation as it is supposedly confidential, but for now, the file has been confirmed to be open.

The agency is rather surprised that the whole affair has gained such widespread media attention.

On the other hand, it is unknown if the Judicial Qualifications Commission conducted an investigation of its own on the matter at hand.

Weinstock has been transferred from working with Judge Murphy to work with Judge Stephen R. Koons—for a pretty good reason.

This makes me wonder about a few things:

  • Why is Weinstock under investigation by the Bar when it was clear that Murphy started the whole fight? Is he in trouble?
  • What sort of investigation might this be? Would this have anything to do with Weinstock’s title as a Public Defender?
  • Is there any update on the sentence laid upon Judge Murphy?

I can’t say for certain. As mentioned, the investigation is confidential. I don’t mean to take sides, but Weinstock shouldn’t be the one in deep trouble in this particular case.

Also, I’ve been looking for news online regarding what happened to Murphy, but I’m met with articles I’d already read two weeks ago. Well, I’m following this story closely because I’m kind of a sucker for controversy in the courtroom.

In fact, I came across this post on the judges which misbehaved over the years. It’s interesting, really, that some of those who are supposed to uphold the law as with the responsibility vested upon them have violated such in their field.

To err is human, in this case, yes? I thought so.

Criminal Dads in Literature

Okay, how about I talk about something unconventional for a change? We tend to forget that criminals also have families to take care of and children to raise. They also tend to forget those as well, when they chose a life of crime.

Here, I’ve got a list of famous fictional criminals who happen to have children of their own. Their characters range from honorable to absolutely outlandish, so best be prepared. Here they are below.

  1. Vito Corleone (The Godfather by Mario Puzo)
Vito Corleone

Vito Corleone
Image source: Wikipedia

Played by Marlon Brando in the movie adaptation, Don Vito has to be everyone’s favorite mob boss. His famous line, “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse” is iconic as it is gripping. But as you can see, he also had his own family to take care of: the hot-headed Sonny, the sensitive Fredo, the indifferent Michael, and the free-spirited Connie.

Choosing the mob life, Vito has put himself and his family on the line. Michael later honors his legacy as the new head of the Corleone family, following Vito’s perilous lifestyle.

  1. Jean Valjean (Les Misérables by Victor Hugo)
Jean Valjean Image source: Wikipedia

Jean Valjean
Image source: Wikipedia

Although not a really hardened criminal (stealing bread for your starving sister is hardly a heinous crime), Jean-Valjean is a father to Cosette, born of the grissete Fantine. Even as Javert pursues him (and manages to capture him), he remains a caring father to Cosette, in spite of the revolution that was happening.

  1. 3. Jack Torrance (The Shining by Stephen King)
Jack Torrance

Jack Torrance
Image source: Wikipedia

We might have to consider Jack Torrance criminally insane for the most part. First, we saw him as a writer struggling with alcoholism, the next, we saw him try to murder his whole family with an axe!

Of course, as with most of Stephen King’s novels, supernatural elements play a role in the conflict, but that doesn’t make Jack Torrance anything less of a criminal.

So for Fathers’ Day, you might want to tell them about these figures so that they’d know how not to be a dad—except maybe for Jean Valjean’s case.

Wacky News: A Fistfight in Court

A few days ago, a conflict happened in court. Well, not really inside: Florida Judge John Murphy urged a public defender that they “take it outside.” He then proceeded to sucker punch the attorney until authorities came to break up the fight.

The attorney was allegedly grabbed by the collar and then struck by the Judge’s fist. Talk about taking things to court, huh? Add this one to the list of bizarre court occurrences.

Murphy is currently on paid leave and is seeking counseling after the whole thing. Well, where should he be after turning the court into a battle arena?

Chief Judge John M. Harris stated that such behavior will not be tolerated and in no way does not reflect the court as a whole. He also added that Murphy understands this quite well.

I have a few concerns on the matter:

  • What will the final decision be on such matter? Will Murphy be kicked out or transferred?
  • Will he even be able to don the robe?
  • Since those affected decided not to file a case, might the court impose the necessary sentences against Murphy instead?

This is truly unbecoming for a Judge who’s supposed to uphold justice and righteousness. I know, perhaps he was just in a rather foul mood, but wasn’t he supposed to show restraint, regardless of the circumstances?

He took up the job as judge, so Murphy would have known what to expect in court. Yes, it can be a pain seeing somewhat overzealous defenders or attorneys in the courtroom, but I suppose Murphy could have practiced caution and tolerance.

Gee, I can just imagine what a bad day can do to someone, even a judge. We’ve all been there, but I really think his conduct was uncalled for.

What do you think? Should Murphy be pardoned for his conduct or should he expect what he has coming for him?

The BP Debacle and the U.S. Supreme Court

The infamous BP fire and spill.

The infamous BP fire and spill. Image source: USA TODAY

You might remember that oil spill caused by British Petroleum or BP four years ago. Now, the issue has finally been opened up once again.

BP asked Justice Antonin Scalia to have the company avoid making payments to other companies who have been affected by the said spill. This was after the New Orleans-based Court of Appeals lifted an injunction, preventing payments from being made.

BP’s lawyers asserted that if payments would not be blocked, awards worth hundreds of millions of dollars will be put to waste. I’m not quite sure what they meant by that, but I won’t really pretend to.

The Supreme Court responded that it won’t stop the claims payment, saying that those affected by the oil spill did not need to prove it.

So basically, courts are torn over this issue, but the final decision rested on the Supreme Court—as always. They say that BP paid over $12B to those affected by the spill, way more than the estimated $7.8B. I guess they didn’t really see that coming.

Apparently, BP would be at a disadvantage in this case, but let’s consider first some facts about the spill:

  • 200 million gallons of crude oil were pumped unto the Gulf of Mexico, making it the biggest oil spill in history
  • The oil rig explosion killed about 11 people and injured 17 more
  • 125 miles of the Louisiana coast have been polluted by the spill
  • About 8,000 animals were killed as a result of the catastrophic oil spill
  • The Gulf was still polluted with oil two years later

Perhaps the compensation for those who have been affected is a good measure? In that case, the Supreme Court shouldn’t allow the payments to stop. That’s simply my take on the issue. How about you? What do you think?